Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sarah's jubilee year of FAITH.

starting my YOF just a few years late


Since my entrance into the Church on Easter Vigil 2011, I have felt called to dedicate some liturgical years to a particular theme--kind of like a personal jubilee year inspired by the Holy Spirit. Since last year was the Jubilee Year of Mercy, it made sense to stick with Mercy, but in the past I've dedicated years to Joy and Love. This year I feel called unmistakably to a year of FAITH. This ties in nicely with my New Year's resolution.

God wants all of us to experience the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, no matter where we are or what the situation. I have said in the past, "No factory worker has zeal for his work." However, that assertion is not only condescending but also untrue. In the spiritual life as well, we can all have zeal and the Fruits of the Spirit no matter what the circumstances, but Woundedness and Sinfulness prevent us from fully receiving this grace. God will move us readily along the path of healing and conversion if we allow it. I must know the promises of God, believe them, and expect to receive what He has promised. No matter what.

I will no longer say, Because You have allowed me to end up in this situation, it is impossible that…

…I can have peace.
…I can have joy.

I will no longer say, So long as I remain in this place, it is impossible that…

…I can have patience.
…I can have joy.
…I can be healed.

I will no longer be the petulant child of God, because nothing is impossible for Him.

I will be assured that God's hands are not tied by my weakness or even my doubts. God's hands are tied by my stubbornness and hardness of heart and my unwillingness to act in faith at all times, even when I don't feel like I believe.

By His grace…

…I will be joyful always.
…I will pray continually.
…I will give thanks in all circumstances.

Faith is as simple as saying, "Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief."

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